I'm so HAPPY to see those products again! Thank you! I had managed to get my hands on the Jollet and the Thrust before, but there were other toys I had not had the chance to get, like the Wave and the Luna. :)
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Chavez Dezignz is a small family Arizona based business that offers handmade Jollies Pleasure Sex Toys and Burn-eez Ashtrays made of 100% Exquisite Grade Silicone.  ​We are committed to helping our customers receive high quality safe items that will last for a lifetime!   

   We love using the best material Platinum Silicone non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, nonporous and easy to clean!
*The Jollie was made anatomically from the inside of a human female subject.
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All Items are handmade in 100% High Quality Platinum Silicone, colors will vary. Accepting payments through Paypal at Due to the inability to control the use and exposure of its products to substance and or practices that may be detrimental to the clear silicone or the imbedded products, any Custom or Clear Jollies Toy is not covered for discoloration or imbedded degradation. Chavez Dezignz will replace any Jollies product that is either defective in manufacturing or fails due to tearing, dislocation of imbedded objects, or surface degradation due to polymer breakdown. 

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